Thursday, March 27, 2014

Three Years In

This blog has been dormant for the past two years or so. Why?

Because I've been playing bass. In some ways, this makes a lot of sense. A big part of why I started blogging about things like amplification and time signatures was that it gave me a chance to concretize that information. Writing about something helped me understand it.

And here I am, two years after I last posted, and I find I'm in need of some of that clarity that writing about bass topics used to give me. I have a much better understanding of how much I don't really know about bass playing, experience in three or four bands, a dozen or so gigs (good and bad), and a whole batch of new questions.

I can't really say for sure whether I'm going to dive back into to give this blog a consistent publishing schedule, but I'd like to. I have some ideas on how I might add useful video tutorial content and more information that is going to help bassists of all levels.

Time to re-enroll in low school.

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