Sunday, October 9, 2011

Things you will eventually learn (but would have been awfully nice to have known about earlier)

  • Don't play your bass right after getting out of the shower. Your skin is wet and the callouses might tear right off your fingers. Give your digits at least 30 minutes to dry out.
  • Don't leave basses with active pickups plugged in. Having an instrument cable plugged in to an active electronics system keeps the battery running. When the bass is unplugged, the battery goes inactive. (The same goes for battery powered pedals. Leaving the cables plugged in drains the batteries.) 9-volts are freaking expensive, so you'll learn this one fast.
  • Most of the bass tab on the internet is at least a little wrong. But that's okay; think of it as blueprints. For a lot of stuff, all you really need to know are the chord changes. Figure the rest out yourself. It'll make you a better player.
  • There's more than one right way to play a song. Sure, there are minor differences in sound between a 'B' on the seventh fret of the E-string and the second fret of the A-string, but when you need to play a 'B,' just pick one and play a 'B.' Don't be afraid to re-arrange tab to make something easier to play.
  • If your amp has 'High' and 'Low' inputs, the 'High' input stands for 'High sensitivity'and is meant for the weaker signal from passive basses. 'Low' is for 'Low sensitivity' and is meant for the stronger signal from active basses. (This seems really backwards and counter-intuitive to me, but there you go.)
  • Play with other people. You're ready to do this from the first day you get your bass. It's why you picked the bass up in the first place, isn't it?

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